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Dawn. The first appearance of light at daybreak, streaming across the sky, announcing that a new day has arrived. She rises early and begins her day. She moves through her tasks, ending her day satisfied with her accomplishments. She never procrastinates and strives forward with a clear vision. Dawn is more precious than rubies. 

Strands of a blush toned sari silk ribbon tassel stream from below  a pink and gold vintage brooch. You control the length as you wrap it around your neck, securing it with a bow, or a knot allowing the strands of silk and beads to fall from the back of your neck. 


*Note: Sari Silk ribbon is made from scraps of silk remaining from the production of Sari wraps. The pieces are torn in to ribbon and sewn end to end. The result is a fluid light weight ribbon with gorgeous color, variation of tones and raw edges adding texture to the design. These raw edges may produce some shedding of the fibers and are in no way a flaw. They are part of the beauty of this product.


SKU: 364215375135191
  • Overall Length : 36”, adjusted to the length you desire as you tie it around your neck. 

    Pendant Legth: 14”

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