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We celebrate the individuality of women through one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and offer a variety of handcrafted home and lifestyle products, all intentionally designed for women with bold style and extraordinary taste. A portion of each sale is donated to Breaking Free, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit providing rehabilitation for survivors of sex trafficking. Make a difference while you shop by exploring our artisan collections.



Every piece tells a unique story about the woman who proudly calls it her own. We want to help women see their own worth and beauty, despite our pasts and differences. Each product is handmade with care and created with superior craftsmanship. At Full Abundance, we promise to provide stunning pieces that make a true impact, enhanced by our boutique customer service, delightful shopping experience and helpful support.



We are passionate about our mission to help survivors of sex trafficking to find freedom from bondage and oppression.


With a keen eye for detail and quality in mind, our pieces become a reflection of the beauty inside each and every one of us.


You are here which means you are enough. Your worth is not defined by the struggles you are recovering from. We celebrate you!


We are stronger together than we are apart. In community, we find the strength to face every obstacle and conquer each one.


Free. I teach a weekly jewelry class that allows these survivors to explore their creative talents and gives them the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills. I developed this Deanna Kallin Designs Boutique to feature their work and foster a community of like-minded people.

We are not only working to create our futures, but helping a group of brave and resilient women create a brighter future of their own - a future full of joy and abundance.

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Deanna Kallin of Deanna Kallin Designs

Troubled by the fact that most women don’t realize their worth, I developed Deanna Kallin Designs, a bespoke jewelry line that features antique, vintage and found items that have a story to tell. Like each of us, they are imperfect but represent the diverse lives of women. By wearing my one-of-a-kind designs, my hope is that each woman will feel that it was designed just for her, that time and attention was paid to every detail because she deserves the best.

Through the years, I have had to work to develop a belief in myself. As a single mom, I have watched my daughter do the same. It is a struggle for every woman at some point in our lives. It is why it has become such a passion for me to help every woman know the truth about herself. As part of this passion, I am honored to work with the astounding women of Breaking

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